A1 TAX LLC. delivers industry-leading solutions that help companies realize more benefits from federal, state and local tax incentive programs. Clients nationwide range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, covering all industries. Our staff of dedicated Tax & Accounting Professionals is unified in our mission to capturing the maximum Tax Credit Dollars for our clients. Our expertise, talent, and proprietary technology combined, has helped solidify our reputation as The Tax Credit Professionals.

Over the years, we have developed a long-standing relationship with government agencies, which has allowed us to unify our systems with numerous government systems, granting us unique access. This access allows us to obtain all the resources available to companies in order to recover the most tax credits available.
Our longevity as a company has provided us with a foundation that allows us to offer superior knowledge of tax credit recovery. Our online software, www.
A1TAX.us and other technical solutions, create a faster and simplified process for our clients, ultimately resulting in more tax credits than other providers can achieve.
Unlike companies that require upfront fees, we accept the financial risk and have no problem performing first. With no upfront costs or risk to the company, this becomes a win-win situation for your company’s bottom line.
We improve the financial position and competitiveness of our clients by:

  • Identifying opportunities and managing client participation in business incentive programs
  • Ensuring client compliance with government regulations, reporting and documentation
  • Quantifying the projected value and processing the incentive applications
  • Monitoring receipt of the credits and incentive awards
  • Satisfying internal client tracking requirements
  • Working with your CPA to ensure proper filing of credits

There are literally thousands of Tax Credits (or refunds) available to employers like you.  Why should you leave money on the table?  Call A1 TAX LLC today for a Free Tax Credit Analysis.