Training Grants

Does the cost of training your employees eat away at your company profits? Both the federal and state governments offer training grants to help you bring new qualified employees up to speed or to improve the skill set of your current staff.

Training grants are available to employers in many states.   They pay a substantial amount of your training costs, or they reimburse you for an individual’s wages while they are on the learning curve. Training can be provided internally or outsourced. Training grant programs often require that you submit a training budget, a job description, and a monthly or weekly reporting of wages and expenses. Let A1 TAX LLC help you get paid to increase the skills, productivity, and performance of your employees!

A1 TAX LLC has successfully Trained & Placed hundreds of employees through the following programs:

  • HHA Training & Placement Program
  • CNA Training & Placement Program
  • Security Guard Training & Placement Program

Wage Subsidies

A1 TAX LLC can help you through the maze of Wage Subsidy Programs.  You can actually receive money through wage subsidies that are offered to employers in certain geographic locations.

Wage subsidies are designed to increase job competitiveness for people on public assistance – food stamps, welfare, disabled workers, etc. A wage subsidy program reimburses the employer – either in whole or in part – for a qualified individual’s wages for a set period of time. Both the federal and state governments offer wage subsidies to employers as a financial incentive for hiring individuals who are on public assistance. Eligibility requirements vary from program to program: A1 TAX LLC can make sure you are benefiting from the wage subsidy programs available to you.

To learn more about these and other programs, contact A1 TAX LLC today.