Job Placement Services

Over the years, many of our Home Care clients have requested that we provide them with HHA's, CNA's, and RN's. As a result, we have contracts & associations with many Employment Network Providers, Welfare to Work agencies, State Employment Agencies, etc. to keep up with our steady demand of qualified Healthcare Employees. Our success in recruiting top-quality employees has enabled us expand and serve multiple industries that hire many employees. These include the following:

  • Healthcare Industry: Home Health Aides (HHA's), CNA's, etc.
  • Security Industry: Security Guards
  • Food Industry: Waiters, Cooks, Chefs, Packers, Stockists, Cashiers, Cleaners.
  • Transportation Industry: Truckers, Drivers, Messengers, Delivery Guys, Airport Personnel.
  • Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail: Factory Workers, Managers, Production, Staff.
  • And More

Pre-Employment Screening

The advantage of hiring employees through A1 TAX LLC is tremendous.  We do a complete voluntary pre-employment screening to pre-qualify them for Tax Credit Eligibility. Once an applicant is pre-qualified, we will then place them with employers that have joined our A1 TAX LLC Workforce Solutions Program.

Our Pre-Employment Screening is done in multiple languages to accommodate all applicants.  Our Call-Center is fully staffed to handle calls 24 Hours a day, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, and more.

The Tax Credit Advantage

As an added benefit to our clients, they are able to dramatically increase their Tax Credit Dollars by hiring these Pre-Qualified Employees. Employees can be pre-qualified for Tax Credits / Refunds of up to $14,600.00 each, depending on the State in which they live & work. Our goal is to provide our clients with a great way to add to their company's Bottom Line, without increasing the workload of their HR personnel.

Please contact us regarding the A1 TAX LLC Workforce Solutions Program.